We exceeded our crowdfunding goal!

We are moving into production thanks to so many incredible supporters. That said, we are still seeking sponsors and investors to make a full season possible. If interested, reach out to Sarah Donnelly at sarah@palikaripictures.com.

If you wish to make an individual donation, you may still do that via our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. All donations are 100% tax deductible. THANK YOU FOR PARTNERING!


Spotlight on Aging and Expectations

Being a woman comes with a host of expectations passed down from generation to generation as well as from the media. They tell us how to dress, how to act, what our lives should look like. The Bleep Year Old challenges those norms and encourages women of all ages to embrace who they uniquely are and live that out courageously.

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Rather than sit around waiting for an invite to the table, we are creating a table and pulling up several chairs!

Bleep Year Old is a story by women, about women, and for a target audience of women, but we believe the universal themes can inspire everyone. Women make up more than 51% of the population but, as of 2017-2018, account for only 27% of all Creators, Directors, Writers, Producers, Executive Producers, Editors, and Directors of Photography working on broadcast network, cable, and streaming programs.

We believe that women on television should represent the complexities of not just some, but all of us. To ensure that happens, we are bringing an all female above-the-line team to this table. We are also hard at work to put as many women of diverse ages and backgrounds on both sides of the camera. And, of course, our male allies are always welcome!


We are currently crowdfunding at Seed & Spark for partial funding in partnership with our audience. We are also currently in conversations with sponsors and investors to bring the whole 1st season to life.

If you would like to discuss Investor Options, Tax Deductible donations or Sponsorship Packages, contact Sarah Donnelly at info@palikaripictures.com for further information!