Who is the BLEEP Year Old?

The Bleep Year Old is 100% proud of her age. In fact, she's shouting it from the rooftops at every opportunity but each time she does, she gets censored. The concept suggests that, despite societal censors, a woman can be child-less, marriage-less, entering an industry built for 20-year-olds AND brazen enough to be HAPPY about it.

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She shares her misadventures through her live “fakebook” vlog, clumsily hashtagging her way through a new world of technology. In a youth-obsessed society and career, this woman dares to assume neither age nor marital status are determining factors in what a woman has to offer the world.


Ehhhh, wouldn't that kind of ruin the joke?

The BLEEP Origin Story

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The series’ creator, Tamra, showed up to a beginner ballet class at Broadway Dance Center in New York City (first first since she was 7 years old) and realized there were no beginners there. She did her best, got yelled out, felt mortified and walked out feeing ALIVE. The concept explores how difficult it can be to start something new at an unconventional age. For women in the arts, age can be an especially challenging topic. As we age, we experience societal pressure to look young at all costs. Meanwhile, Richard Gere is becoming a silver fox. George Clooney is becoming debonair and their on-screen wives are still 25.

Amidst this inner clash and the world’s insistence that she was too late, Tamra envisioned a woman who insists on pursuing her dreams. It’s a Goldilocks for Aging. The world says, “You’re too old!” or “You’re too young!” and the Bleep Year Old says, “Eh, I'm just right.”