Who is the BLEEP Year Old?

She’s that one woman who’s completely unafraid to claim her age. In fact, she’s constantly shouting it from the rooftops but every time The Bleep Year Old is 100% proud of her age. She’s shouting it from the rooftops at every opportunity but each time she does, she gets censored.

The concept suggests a woman can be child-less, marriage-less, entering an industry built for 20-year-olds AND brazen enough to be HAPPY about it.

North of 30 and south of 55 is a bit of a no-man’s land for women. Society is catching up to the idea that 30 doesn’t always mean “mother” and 50 doesn’t always mean “grandmother.” When a woman falls outside of those societal norms, the world’s not sure what to do with her. So, Bleep’s here to make a few “suggestions.”

The BLEEP Origin Story

I went to a basic ballet class thinking, “This will be a breeze.” Heck, I’d taken ballet as a kid and it’s not like I was aiming for “prima ballerina” at Bleep Years Old. At one point, the entire class actually descended into the splits. It was mortifying and, until that moment, I had not thought to consider how hard it might be to start something new at my age.

Simultaneously, I was experiencing age as an impacting factor in my dating life as well as in the world’s response to my not being a mother. Being Bleep years old is actually quite challenging. The world doesn’t know what to do with me. Not ingénue, not a mom, not a grandma. “Don’t people start this in their 20’s?” YES. “Aren’t the odds against you?” Decidedly, YES, but, what can I do? I’m ready NOW.

This series is not a biography; although, it does play on and heighten the many issues I’ve experienced as a woman in a youth-obsessed world. The woman at the center is the woman I wish I could be. She faces her fears. She embraces her age. She does not let the world tell her what she can or cannot do. She exists both to help the world understand what it is to be Bleep as well as to inspire us all to dream more courageously.

As the stats show, female representation in the industry is meager at best. Rather than sit around waiting for an invite to the table, I’ve created a table and pulled up several chairs.

We are poised to shift the stats and I would be honored for you to be part of that shift!

~Tamra Paselk