What is the BLEEP Year Old?

She’s that one woman who’s completely unafraid to claim her age. In fact, she’s constantly shouting it from the rooftops but every time she says it, it gets CENSORED. The concept suggest a woman can be child-less, marriage-less, brazen enough to be BLEEP years old entering an industry built for 20-year-olds AND, dare we say it, HAPPY.

North of 30 and south of 50 is a little bit of a no-man’s land for a woman, especially one who’s unmarried without children. Society is still catching up to the idea that 30 doesn’t have to mean “mother” and 50 doesn’t have to mean “grandmother.” It’s not sure what to do with us. So, BLEEP is here to make a few suggestions. This is BLEEP.  

The BLEEP Origin Story

I went to a Beginner (actually it was “basic,” which comes before beginner!) class thinking, “This will be a breeze.” After all, it’s not like I was trying to become a ballerina at BLEEP Years Old. It runed out to be nerve-wracking as, at one point, the entire class actually descended into the splits while I stood there awkwardly waiting for them at the barre.

Starting a new thing at an unconventional age is difficult, especially in a youth-obsessed world. Additionally, in my career as a performer, no longer “Ingenue” but still a far cry from “grandmother,” opportunities were diminishing. The few good roles left were going to women my age who had started their careers young. All the evidence supported that a career in the arts was an impractical pursuit and I should have started earlier, but I wasn’t ready when I was 20. I am now.

So, I decided to make my own work. It seemst o me society could use some help understanding how vibrant BLEEP yeard olds really are. We may step outside of traditional boundaries, but that’s precisely why what we have to offer is so essential.

~Tamra Paselk