You wore a pink tutu in public. What's next?

Here's one version of an answer. We have 3 additional episodes ready to go for an ultimate mini-series release and pitch to distributors. We’ll cover things like the female POV on botox and what it’s like NOT to be a card carrying member of the motherhood club at Bleep Years Old. We are not going to shy away from the real topics but we are always going to find the humor in them. To do this, we need your SUPPORT.

2018, the year of the Tutu

Last year, the pilot episode (Bleep Year Old goes to beginner ballet) of Chronicles of a Bleep Year Old Woman was made and released on the film festival circuit. Since then it’s been gaining traction in the industry - people are fans of the tutu. The Bleep Year Old is all about what it’s like to be a woman in the world - not young and not old and definitely not living within the societal norms. It exists to inspire, challenge and educate. Because perhaps the world will not understand, but it does not get to tell us what we can and cannot do and at what age. Whatever is in your heart to do, do it.