Everybody's Podding

We're gonna interview all kinds of Bleep Year Olds so you'll have something new and kind of weird to listen to on your morning subway commute. 

Women only?



What is bleep?

As Tamra began discussing her concept with all sorts of people, she learned that everyone felt connected to the topic. So, we're going to pod that way. BLEEP represents the number of someone's biological age. The podcast will explore how people in many different stages of life and industries experience the positive and negative effects of their number. 

  • Men in the tech industry
  • Women who've been raising kids
  • Humans who are teaching but look too young to teach
  • And, yes, of course, we will interview many women in the arts who are of BLEEP age and experiencing things like being offered the "grandma" role at the age of 40, etc. Good stuff.