You wore a pink tutu in public. What's next?

Well, gosh darnit. Good question! Here's one version of an answer. We're gonna cover a lot of fascinating shizzle. For example, in Foreheads for Equality: To Botox or Not to Botox, That is the Question, we'll explore Hamlet's feelings about botox. Then, continuing in the awkward-topics vein, we'll take on what it's like to be BLEEP years old and not a card carrying member of motherhood in an episode entitled Not the Mamaste. In other words, we're gonna write about the real stuff and have a good laugh over it. Of course, we gotsta get the funding first. Amiright?? --> HELP

Look, Mom! I'm a writer!

Tamra's mom thinks she's funny. To Tamra, that was enough a reason to go ahead and put her humor out into the world. Well, that and the fact that pursuiing a career at BLEEP years of age is as comedic as it is frustrating. The series has female-specific notes but is quite relevant on the whole. Why do we allow the world to tell us what we can and cannot do and at what age? 

Whatever is in your heart to do, do it. 

Very special thanks to Alaine Alldaffer of Playwrights Horizons and the group of beautiful artists who encouraged me to officially bring this to life. It was in Costa Rica with these courageous souls, that Chronicles finally found its voice.



One of the beautiful moments shared in Costa Rica - reading an original play to music played by some of the local music school kids.